Hire Purchase Classic

What to expect

Hire Purchase Classic is a conventional way of financing your vehicle of choice. It's a simple and effective finance solution of maintaining fixed monthly instalments over the period of the agreement.

  • Traditional way of financing your vehicle
  • Regular fixed monthly instalments over a set period
Your benefits
  • Choice of tenures to suit your needs and cash flow
  • Fixed instalments throughout the finance period
  • Ownership at the end of the finance period
  • Freedom to customise your vehicle

Sample Calculation

C200 Avantgarde60 months tenure
Car Price (RM)248,888
Down Payment (RM)24,889
Finance Amount (RM)223,999
Interest Rate (%)2.48%
Instalment Per Month(RM)4,196

The above calculations are based on private registration with 10% down payment. Details may change without prior notice.